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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Feb 21, 2018

· Girl Scout Cookies are for sale! · The kids soccer tournament was canceled so we toured Savannah o The girl scouts were brutal! · Service titan conference calls o Integrated financing o Integrated payment collection system · Small Business Chamber breakfast o Go around and visit the people who attended the breakfast o Go to other people and tell them that you missed them…this gets your foot in the door! · Talk about stress o I started using a life coach o Stress and the uneasiness of starting a business can cause unneeded responses and emotions, so I reached out to a life coach. The stress reduction has already made an incredible difference in the way that I react to things! · Verizon iPads o Shout out to Verizon if you are listening…no, they are not a sponsor of the podcast, but if you are watching this Verizon, the spot is open! lol