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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Oct 8, 2018

  1. Can a client schedule from Yelp?
  2. Can a client schedule from our website?
  3. Can we have a text conversation with a client and tech?
  4. Does the call follow the marketing dollars? Can you track the revenue generated from each phone number that is used to call in to the office?
  5. Can different types of recurring maintenances be set up? (one monthly billing for residential but only go out there once or twice a year, and another where we go out to perform a maint bi-monthly, and another bi-weekly for commercial?)
  6. Can Techs attach photos of the job to the service ticket?
  7. Will the photo stay in the locations history for future techs?
  8. Can I track the commission/spiffs for each upsell part automatically?
  9. Can I build additional forms the techs must fill out?
  10. If so, can these forms automatically be attached to certain types of jobs? (residential maint form just show up for a residential maint call not for every single service call)
  11. Does the service pricing integrate with Baker Distributing?
  12. Can the Techs view the history of the location they are going?
  13. Can you make it mandatory that each location has a model and serial number added to the system before they can close the invoice?
  14. Can the clients watch us in route to their location once the tech has been dispatched?
  15. Can the techs self dispatch or does the office have to dispatch them?
  16. Can the office dispatch them during the week and they self dispatch for after hours calls?
  17. Is there a tech content portal where I can share training and information all in one place?
  18. What is pay by text?
  19. Can a tech collect a check payment by taking a photo?
  20. Can techs show the invoice/estimate as a monthly payment rather than the entire bills amount?
  21. Intapay is 1% plus the other cc fees?
  22. What are the credit card fees?
  23. Is there a button to apply for financing on the estimate email sent to the client?
  24. Is financing with greensky built into the system?