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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Aug 22, 2018

I am in the middle of trying to find a new company to take over my marketing, and I reached out to Marketing 360 after watching a few of their YouTube videos. You get to listen in on the conversation I had with the account manager who was lucky enough to give me a call! Let us know what you think about Marketing 360 and the things they have to offer. Matt from Marketing 360 answers the 6 questions/issues I listed below.


  1. Marketing is more than just a fancy website or landing page.
  2. Free  CRM program to track your sales and growth.
  3. Should you use a landing page or have several pages on your website?
  4. Should you retarget?
  5. What should we stop doing during the busy season if we are too busy to advertise?    
  6. Matt tells us about Top Rated Local...reputation management.


Matt’s Contact information-