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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Aug 26, 2020

Tersh speaks with Claire Chandler about growing his business at a rapid speed without collapsing due to the speed of his growth. They also speak about Claire's book called "The Whirlpool Effect"... btw, the back story of the book's naming is enough of a golden nugget that it could have been the entire episode's interview topic! 

Working with many diverse startups and corporations over the
last 25 years, Claire experienced that most companies fall apart
once they start to scale. As a solution to this business timebomb,
she created the ’Whirlpool Effect’ - a revolutionary way to align
your leaders and teams around a unifying vision that attracts,
retains and motivates the right talent to achieve your mission.

Claire’s simple yet powerful process is helping many companies
find and fix bottlenecks that are choking their business
performance so they can rapidly scale without the growing

It's time to grow into the leader your people can't wait to follow.

Check out the impressive list of topics Claire's book covers:

  • Stop bleeding talent
    (and why it has little to do with the hiring process)


    Scale without losing your intimate company culture
    Remove the invisible wall between your HR and
    Leadership team


    Bottle up your founder’s personality so it stays alive
    during company growth

  • Become a magnetic leader by implementing the
    ‘FLOW’ process

  • Stop acting like a startup and expand without falling

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