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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Nov 9, 2017

1. How did you first get into the podcast networking? 2. How come you always have a smile on your face and voice? 3. Who is your idol? a. Inside the HVAC industry b. Outside the HVAC industry 4. If you had to start your company over, a. Would you? b. What would you do differently? 5. What did you believe to be true in your business and in the HVAC industry when you were in your 20’s or 30’s that you feel differently about now? 6. Why is residual income so important for a business? a. What could systems such as filter fetch realistically bring in as a residual income? 7. Does the filter fetch program do anything for a business owner in addition to the residual income it produces? 8. Are there other products that Jackson Systems offer that help a business like the filter fetch program? 9. What is your opinion on how social media marketing has changed recently...say as recent as in the past 3 months? 10. Bill Spohn wants to know why you named your company Jackson Systems? Are you a big fan of Michael Jackson or Jackson Pollock? ● Instagram ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Linkedin ● Blog ● Contractor’s side of the filter fetch program ● Click & a commercial side similar to filter fetch, but the contractor gets billed rather than the commercial customer. ● Toll free phone number for the contractor side 8883590366 ● Tom’s Email - Mastery Round Questions________________________________________ 1. What did your childhood smell like? 2. When/what was a choice or decision that you said no to when you wish you had said yes? 3. If you were not in the HVAC industry what would you be doing? 4. Ok, you just passed away and your eulogy is being given….what do you hope will be said? What will people remember about you and what song will be sung?