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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Oct 25, 2017

Welcome to the Service Business Mastery podcast, I’m your host Tersh Blissett. This podcast is part of the Blue Collar Roots Network of podcasts. Bryan Orr is the guy behind the glass with smoke coming from his ears as he is spinning the knobs in an attempt to make us sound good... Service Business Mastery focuses on helping and guiding service based business owners, managers, and service techs who are considering becoming new business owners. The goal of this podcast is to help guide you from making the same mistakes that have been made by others while starting their new businesses. On today’s episode, we will hear from Ted Gravlin. If you have visited the HVAC Pro-Talk facebook page, then you have seen some of Ted’s short video tips. I wanted to bring Ted on to the podcast to pick his brain a little on a few tricks to help us, as business owners, to help figure out how to streamline our programs. Ted is the author of Shift, The 7 Steps to a Business that Serves You. This book focuses on how to set up a business, and not just dealing with an HVAC company. Anyways, I could blab on and on about Ted and the abundance of knowledge he will provide us with, so let’s just get started... Without any further delay, let's get into the nitty gritty with Ted!