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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Nov 1, 2017

This episode of Service Business Mastery podcast covers several great points dealing with a Customer Service Management Software called Service Titan. Listed below are some key points, and any additional questions you may have can be answered by going to ServiceTitan is a field management software for HVAC, plumbing, electric, and garage door services that helps companies streamline operations, support and train their techs and CSRs, and increase revenue. A brief introduction of Andrew Zackoff where we learn that he started in the HVAC industry at the bottom and ended up working with Service Titan after a workplace injury. The best fit of company types that currently utilize Service Titan are HVAC, plumbing, electrical and several others. Service Titan has API so outside companies can integrate into their software to help work flow seamlessly in and out of Service Titan. Service Titan has many helpful partners such as Quickbooks & Intact for accounting and Profit Rhino & The New Flat Rate for flat rate pricing. Reporting per service technician is one of the main focuses of the software. Metrics capability of tracking the percentage of time you arrive within the proposed arrival window. A short history about Service Titan and why the founders created the software. A dedicated salesperson can use the program as well. The software does away with all forms that a technician would have normally been filled out in the field. The program has a ton of training before going live, and a week long onsite visit for the larger companies. Thank you for listening and following the Service Business Mastery Podcast. Please feel free to join our Facebook group...Just search “Service Business Mastery Podcast” and we will pop up on the top! Service Titan also shared a PDF with us on hiring the right technician for your team. Just visit to download the pdf.