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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Jan 26, 2019

Tersh is revealing behind the scenes of how he gets the right new team members before they are even interviewed.


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Jan 19, 2019

Tersh talks with Lance Robinson of Solderweld about how he was able to break into the HVAC industry, and what it’s like competing with the really old manufacturing companies.


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Jan 11, 2019

This episode is a short recap of what happened throughout the year with IceBound and the Service Business Mastery Podcast. We talk about generating $750k in revenue in the first year of business and the following programs we used at IceBound to perform that growth.


-The New Flat Rate

-Service Titan


Jan 5, 2019

Tersh & Jesse

-Elimination of having to make more decisions throughout the day than needed.

-Pour knowledge into everyone around you.

-Love your staff and they will love your clients.

-Offer the former President an internship.

-Get out of your office.

-Write down 10 ideas every morning.

-Go on a vacation to get out...

Jan 4, 2019

Tersh & Tommy talk about Tommy’s move from $50,000 in debt all the way to $30 million in revenue over the period of 7 years. We discuss the new book Tommy just released called the Home Service Millionaire which focuses on the five topics listed below.


  1. Mindset of the Owner
  2. Thinking like a millionaire
  3. Keeping Score