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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Jan 26, 2019

Tersh is revealing behind the scenes of how he gets the right new team members before they are even interviewed.


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  • Freedom
  • Starts at $10 if you have no experience.
  • You will touch equipment that you have never seen before, and sometimes there will be no instructions on how to fix it...other than tech support and other techs.
  • The training will challenge you from time to time.
  • Our tools are expensive, and we will not allow you to use cheap tools. They are a direct reflection of your skill, and cheap tools make your job take longer and are a potential hazard to you.
  • 0 micro management -  you can drown yourself if you let the freedom get to your head.


  • You must put forth effort to learn some on your own outside of the workplace training.
  • We do not currently offer insurance simply because not enough people here need it.
  • The job is hot and sweaty during the summer months.
  • You will get nasty from time to time.
  • If you do not catch on to the technical side of things, you will have to study and work on it on your own time, or we will work to find you a different place of employment.
  • We have a fixed overhead dollar amount that we must meet each day/week/month in order to stay in business, you will have freedom, but if those overhead dollars are not being met then we will be forced to put someone in your van who can reach those minimum standards.
  • I do not tolerate is a fireable offense on the first offense.
  • I do not tolerate blaming others for a mistake that happens. I don’t fire people for making mistakes, but I will for blaming others for a mistake that happens.


  • Freedom
  • You will grow immensely within the HVAC community because we expect and teach the proper methods of making repairs...even if it takes longer than other companies.
  • One of our core values is People of Profits, and we take that one to heart. It is our goal to grow you as an individual first and a tech second. We expect you to catch on with the technical side of things too though.
  • We have a tool reimbursement program.
  • There is no guessing when you will get a pay raise. You do not even have to ask for simply complete the tasks required to increase your pay.
  • You are awarded commission and bonuses based on productivity.
  • Training is paid for by us!
  • 0 micro management
  • Our books, policies, & goals are 100% openbook, so there is nothing hidden. If you want to know, all you have to do is ask, and I’ll walk you through it all.
  • We all make mistakes, and an honest mistake will never be held against you.


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