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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Feb 28, 2018

● We have finished filling out the paperwork for BizPAL ○ The program that Patrick has is supposed to help us recruit new team mates faster! ● I interviewed Craig Cody about the 2018 Tax law update, and he helped to clear up some questions I had on the new tax code. ● Had a meeting with the local Ronald McDonald House. ○ We are installing 15 ptac units in the home at no charge to the house for the labor. Trane is also donating 2 of the systems. ● Brandon and I went and looked at a system that some worthless individual installed...we lost the quote because he was $300 less than us, but he did a horrible job on the install. ○ Pictures will follow be posted in the Facebook group ● Buy Local Lunch networking event ○ Great place to get to know business owners of local businesses. ○ There were 130 owners in the room. ● Service Titan onboarding webinars at random times throughout the week ● Soccer event in Charleston, and watched Atlanta United play against Charleston Battery