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Service Business Mastery - Business Tips and Strategies for the Service Industry

Mar 10, 2018

Brandon and the service technicians met with Service Titan about how to operate the program on their iPads The meeting went into detail showing the technicians ways it will help speed up their jobs, prevent customers from calling them in all hours of the night, and ways to help other technicians when they come back to the job later. One new feature that was explained a little more was the fact that financing can be offered on every service call. This will help with people who have a hard time paying for a service repair. It also allows options to be given to the customer on system replacements if they desire. We are excited with the ease of use and the customer support provided by Service Titan. Our only concern is the amount of time we have before we go live, and the workload that we have placed on ourselves. Weekly follow-up. I was part of a press conference dealing with the healthcare event that is coming up. The community is absolutely in love with ICEBOUND for all the things that we are doing for the event. We will be getting at least one government/city HVAC/refrigeration contract out of this event. They are paying us to build refrigerated trailers that we can later use to store food for our restaurant customers if they ever have a freezer or cooler go out on them. I have like 10 new subscribers to the podcast.... shout out to you if you're listening to this! We are meeting all kinds of high up government officials! Chief Master Sgt of the Air Force. We are talking to ALL the local restaurants We got a new trailer to pull behind the Transit Connect. We installed a Trane high efficiency package unit on Saturday due to our workload, and the customer was ecstatic with our service and the quality of the system!